Meet marGo

marGo is the Direct Sales industry's first purpose-built CRM and marketing automation platform to help sellers and their organizations drive customer acquisition, loyalty, and revenue. By harnessing the power of Salesforce.com, we provide personalized, multi-channel intelligent marketing so you can build stronger relationships with your customers and team members.

Designed specifically for Direct Sales

The marGo platform is built specifically to service the sales and marketing needs of both the Direct Sales company and its independent business owners. As a purpose-built solution, marGo offers both the right features and ease of use, which ensures everyone benefits.


Empower your Sellers

With a pricing model scaled for the Direct Sales industry, marGo replaces a myriad of costly point solutions into a one-stop CRM and marketing platform. We help you increase brand consistency, enable data privacy compliance, boost revenue, and improve both seller and customer retention.

Independent Business Owners

Market your business in minutes or seconds.

Enriching your relationships with customers is effortless with marGo. We deliver AI and analytics-driven, personalized communications at the right time with the right message to maximize your digital marketing and social media efforts.

Direct Sales Meets Digital Marketing

Without the benefits of marketing automation, efficiently acquiring, servicing, and retaining customers is a time-consuming challenge— time that can be better spent building personal relationships and growing your business. marGo is the easy-to-implement SaaS solution you need. Contact the marGo team today to unlock the potential of multi-channel CRM and marketing automation for your business!