Meet Intelligent Marketing.
Meet marGo.
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marGo is the first dedicated Direct Sales CRM and Marketing platform built to help sellers increase productivity, drive sales, boost replenishment and deliver more revenue to their organizations.

More Sales.

Sellers can easily personalize and execute multi-channel, multi-touch marketing campaigns.

More Engagement.

Relevant and timely communication via text and email with your sellers and customers.

More Revenue.

Effective follow-up, replenishment and cross-sell programs reduce missed opportunity.

More Balance.

Reduce admin tasks so sellers can get more done in less time, winning in the gig economy.

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The Direct Sales Organization

Arm your sellers with sales and marketing automation that boosts revenue, while creating a connected ecosystem back to corporate. With marGo, you'll see more efficient operations, stronger seller engagement and success, and improved seller retention. Place the power of brand consistent, world class marketing in the hands of all your active sellers.

The Direct Seller

Are you constantly on the go and need an efficient and effective way to stay on top of your marketing? Meet marGo, an all-in-one sales and marketing automation tool that allows you to optimize the time you're spending nurturing existing customers and creating new ones. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best: building strong customer relationships. Inspired yet?

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How will marGo impact YOU?

Imagine if....

We had the insights and analytics from field marketing programs to help drive stronger customer experiences and revenues.

We could enable our Sellers to become proactive marketers, boosting retention and customer loyalty.

Imagine if.....

I could spend more time selling and less time stressing over how I get the word out.

If I got automated reminders for Replenishment and Cross-sell recommendations.

I could reduce admin tasks and improve customer engagement, fast tracking my personal business.