What marGo Can Do For Your Business?

marGo packs a range of features to help businesses maximize productivity and grow their businesses. Here are some of the key features of the platform:


Manage contacts & accounts, automate follow-ups, close deals faster.

Popular Features

Marketing Cloud

Run multichannel campaigns, personalize engagement, cross-sell & upsell.

Popular Features

Event Marketing

Host events, invite guests, and sell your products.

Popular Features

Social Cloud

Streamline your social media activities & drive engagement.

Popular Features


Connect with colleagues, and discuss work.

Popular Features

Analytics Cloud

Gather, analyze, & visualize data for deep insights and make data-driven decisions

Popular Features

AI Recommendations

Get personalized product recommendations, inventory check and replenishments.

Popular Features

Shop Live

Engage, convert & satisfy customers with memorable shopping experiences.

Popular Features

Content Builder

Intuitive platform simplifies content creation and publishing.

Popular Features
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