1. Treat the virtual party just like you would a home party! The goal is to get guests to attend (regardless of where).  The key to success is inviting through multiple channels:
  • Consider upgrading to the $10 version so you can email, text and voice broadcast. This will only increase your reach, which will increase attendance.  Check out Karen Clark’s (Social Media Consultant and Conference Speaker for Direct Sales/Party Plan Companies) article  she says: “Personally invite guests. Email is a great option. Personalized private messages can work. (Do not copy/paste the same one to everyone). Share the event link and give them the option to RSVP as “Going” vs. adding them yourself. Mail a postcard. Give them a call. Do whatever you can to make sure they are aware of the party, and opt in to join. Only add people to the event page yourself via the Invite button if you know they are a yes or maybe. If you have a hostess, coach her to do the same”.
    • Our text msg has the Facebook party link so they can click right from their phone and join the party!
    • Our voice broadcast scripts have all been updated. You can make them even more powerful by conferencing in your hosts and having her create the message with you.
      • Example Host script – Initial invite – “Hey friends its [host name] I am hosting an [company name] party on [date of the party] I would love for you to come so Save the Date. My consultant [consultant’s name] is with me and she is going to share a few more details. Then you read your VB script!
        • If using an I-phone when making the callsCall your host2. Click the record now button on margo3. When the call beeps in – click hold/accept4. Once you hear marGo click merge call

          5. You or the host can hit 1 to record

  •  By inviting through multiple channels it will allow you to reduce the amount of Facebook posts needed each day. This keeps from throwing up red flags to Facebook.  Keep in mind, the more you post on Facebook without guests engaging (likes or comments) the more it appears as spamming to Facebook.  All the more reason to use the other channels to invite guests to attend the virtual party!
    • Engagement Rates Reminder
      • Facebook has a 1% engagement rate (with the highest ever being 5%) – this means that 1% of those that see your post will like or comment
      • Email is nearly 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter at acquiring customers. (McKinsey & Company). 60% of the customers marGo has emailed open the document of that 30% click through (this is really GOOD). For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. (ExactTarget). So if you spend $5 with marGo your avg return on investment is over $220 in orders! At the avg commission rate of 25-30% you would get 10-12 times your money back!Text – when inviting 30 people by text the avg read rate is 94%. We are seeing with customers marGo has text, 10-15% respond to the text.
  1. When scheduling your posts – here are some tips for best time of day and number of posts a day
    • Best time of day is typically
      • 7-8am – people check their Facebook when they get up before work
      • 12-1:00pm – people check their Facebook while having lunch
      • 3-5:00pm (the absolute best time of day to post)
      • After 8:30pm – after dinner and evening activities – people will check as they watch TV or before they go to bed
    • How many times a day should you post? With the current Facebook crack down I recommend keeping the daily post before the party to one a day.  1-2 days before the party you can increase to 2.  Keep the majority of the posting on Facebook to the “actual party time”.  Work with your hosts to drive attendance to the party time through email, text, VB and private messages and wall posts on Facebook.  You have to remember if you are posting on an event and there is very little engagement from the guests that will throw up a red flag to Facebook that you may be spamming!
      • For now, if you want to drive attendance through Facebook verses posting on the event, copy and paste one of our attendance posts and send to your host and have her post on her wall or send private messages to her potential guests
        • WK OF 4/6 – we will have this as a new automated feature for you! Coordinated theme/ 5 touches emailed to your host for her to be able to copy and paste on Facebook!  You will be cc’d on the email which will be a great reminder it’s time to make a host coaching contact!
      • When posting it’s always a good idea to add a personal touch to your post. Ask a question so they will comment, ask them to click like if they agree with something you said, etc.   This will drive engagement from guests that see the post!


  1. Be sure and utilize the Post Party Campaign! Close the loop with all your invited guests and give them a chance to take action.
    • The post party email will help to drive:
      • Additional orders whether that be placing an order if they couldn’t attend the party, adding to the order they placed, or sharing with one of their friends who wants to order
      • Additional bookings
      • Interest in the business opportunity
    • A few important things you need to do after the virtual party to get the Post party campaign to launch
  • Mark ALL invited guests as ordered – this will ensure that all guests get the ONE post party email and text!
  • Close the party in marGo – this is critical as the email and text WILL NOT be sent until the party has been closed!


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