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Build a perfect guest list in minutes.

Relax: marGo makes it simple for you and your hostess to create a comprehensive, easy-to-manage guest list—in a flash.

marGo provides guidance to help create the optimal guest list for a successful event:

  • Straightforward host contact import
  • Guest list tips and host coaching
  • Automated address search
  • Seamless address management
  • Real-time RSVP tracking
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“Since marGo, I am able to spend quality time with my host knowing that all of the administrative duties that are required, but not necessary for me to do personally, are taken care of.”

—Janet, Direct Sales Professional

Stand out with invitations that shine.

From beautiful invitation themes to customizable messages, marGo makes sure each party is an event not to be missed.

marGo provides:

  • Personalized invitations for every occasion—via postcard, email and Facebook
  • Customizable text, voicemail and email reminders
  • Auto-scheduled invite and reminder delivery to guests
  • Facebook event page setup and daily posting to help create buzz
  • Automated guest follow-up to help close more business

—All done in less than 15 minutes of your time.

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“I am loving marGo. I’ve already had comments on how seamless and easy things are when hosting a party.”

—Kate, Direct Sales Professional

Elevate your career to the next level.

marGo’s ready to take care of the tedious work, so you can focus on the fun part: being even more amazing at what you do.

marGo provides a virtual toolkit to get the recognition and promotions you need to move ahead:

  • Timesaving (and lifesaving) task management
  • Host and recruit organization that keeps you in touch
  • Useful host coaching and party planning tips
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“I can’t even imagine how I did it all, and now that I’ve increased my show schedule and my recruiting because of marGo, I could not keep this level of success without it.”

—Catherine, Direct Sales Professional

Intuitive and user-friendly by design.

Built with an eye for simplicity and a heart for productivity, marGo is easy to use—and even easier to fall in love with.

marGo provides:

  • Event status at a glance
  • Daily updates and reminders
  • Easy-to-access host and recruit contacts
  • Video tutorials and training resources
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“marGo has allowed me to enjoy the fun stuff associated with being a consultant and has eliminated a lot of the work that was the most time-consuming. Now I can quickly and easily set up my show with the host’s info and marGo does the rest.”

—Sally, Direct Sales Professional

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