SocialGram, Facebook, and Daily Summaries

Hello marGo users!  


We have been working hard this last month to provide you great service and innovative enhancements.  We are excited to announce 3 new features that we know you are going to love and make a positive impact on your business.  


First is our SocialGram feature!  If you have used red stamp for your business you are going to love our SocialGram!  SocialGram is a shareable image your hosts can post on any social website and/or text message it to friends and family.  We will email you and your host the image and instructions on sharing.  marGo will provide SocialGrams for the initial invite, mid-way reminder and final reminder, plus we even have 2 SocialGrams that will be sent post party!   These 5 SocialGrams will increase attendance and business, especially for those Hosts that are reluctant to provide a guest list.    


Starting now, our girlsnightin_SocialGram-home-ref$5 basic and $10 plus packages will include a SocialGram shareable image!  This customizable image will be your secret weapon to ensuring a great turnout and maximizing sales through your host’s family, friends, and followers.  Plus the PDF is also now included in the$5 package!!!!!   VERY IMPORTANT NOTE – the $5 charge will occur when we first send the SocialGram.  You’ll be able to turn off this feature when creating a show and still have the ability to turn it back on in the Pre-Show campaigns.   Check out the sample SocialGram attached.  


Second is our Facebook changes!  Facebook is becoming more restrictive and also changing some policies that we must adapt to. As always, we’ll constantly be improving our service for your benefit.

There are 3 major changes:
1) We will be able to post to events that you have created or that you’ve been invited to!
2) We will no longer be able to create events on your behalf. However, you’ll be able to select your Facebook event on the marGo platform and we can still post to that for you!
3) We need you to cut and paste your user message and schedule your posts. This will add a few more minutes to setting up a show, but the beauty is that you’ll be able to set everything up and relax while marGo takes care of the rest.


You’ll find these changes are still very simple and will still continue to save time while using marGo!  Check out the training video (insert link) that will walk you through how to use all of the changes. 


Third is our daily summary.  This is an amazing report you get via email each morning that provides you an at a glance update of your show activity.  How many emails were sent, how many text, etc and tells you when your next touch is scheduled.  This is a report that will help you stay organized and on top of your shows!  


We are dedicated to provide you a service that helps you change your business, change your life!  


As always, you can contact us with any challenges at

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