A Single Platform to Drive Revenue

The gig economy and eCommerce driven product supply is increasing pressure on Direct Sellers to engage customers, drive loyalty and grow their business. They need a tool that makes it easy to market their business, utilizing both one-to-many and one-to-one techniques across multiple channels, including social. They also need a solution that makes servicing their existing customers simple, with proactive replenishment messaging, as well as intelligent cross-sell campaigns.

marGo solves critical industry challenges:

  • Missed revenue from lack of effective follow-up
  • Missed revenue from replenishment & cross-sell opportunities
  • Ability to successfully onboard & retain consultants
  • Regulation & compliance pressures
  • Inconsistent brand standards & experience
  • Limited access to critical marketing analytics and insights
  • Limited marketing technology support at the scale DS demands

marGo helps grow your revenue by increasing:

  • Prospect Engagement and Orders
  • Replenishment & Cross-sell Campaigns
  • Event bookings, Attendance & Orders
  • Customer Follow-up & Orders
  • Host & Team Recruitment
  • Consultant Engagement & Retention
  • Continuous Improvement through Data Science

How marGo Will Help

How will marGo impact YOU?

Imagine if....

We had the insights and analytics from field marketing programs to help drive stronger customer experiences and revenues.

We could enable our Sellers to become proactive marketers, boosting retention and customer loyalty.

Imagine if.....

I could spend more time selling and less time stressing over how I get the word out.

If I got automated reminders for Replenishment and Cross-sell recommendations.

I could reduce admin tasks and improve customer engagement, fast tracking my personal business.