marGo for Direct Seller

A Single Platform to Drive Revenue

The marGo CRM marketing  automation platform unifies the essential digital tools for direct sellers and corporate marketers into a single, easy-to-use platform. marGo’s pre-built enterprise software integrates CRM with digital marketing services to modernize and streamline the direct selling industry’s go-to-market processes. marGo was built upon leading technologies from, which have been deployed by more than 150,000 enterprises. marGo delivers a data-driven approach to independent direct seller marketing, communication, and recruitment.

direct selling software

marGo’s ecosystem of tools by professional category

Direct Seller

marGo empowers direct sellers to market their entire business in less than one hour per month. Branded go-to-market collateral, created by corporate marketing staff, will be populated in marGo on behalf of all active users. Every direct seller will have control over their individual account, thereby, initiating events, approving recommended campaigns, and managing contacts. Each customer will be represented as a unique contact, which will be associated to the direct seller in the marGo ecosystem.
direct sales software
best direct selling software

Direct Seller Leader

Independent direct seller leaders will observe immediate positive impact once their team has been onboarded to the marGo ecosystem. Each team will quickly gain experience with marGo, and soon, thereafter, will be able to exploit its full capabilities. Team leaders will be offered their own AI-generated messages to send intelligent coaching campaigns to their individual team members, encouraging them to act in ways that will assist in meeting their performance goals. Simply introducing new recruits to marGo and teaching them how to manage their individual accounts, will streamline every leader’s training process. Learning easy-to-use marGo will be an intuitive exercise for each recruit, addressing many of the most significant, necessary steps on their journey to becoming a productive independent direct seller professional.

Corporate Marketer

Corporate marketers will utilize marGo’s unified data view to evaluate the efficacy of both field and corporate marketing efforts. With marGo, corporate staff will be able to market directly to consumers on behalf of direct seller team members. marGo business rules, established by headquarters, help manage the activities between field and corporate, protecting valued customers from irritating, superfluous communications. Marketers will use marGo to build and launch campaigns triggered by normal business events, thus exploiting heretofore untapped follow-up revenue opportunities, such as those hidden in abandoned carts and historical browsing records. marGo’s Segmentation Module, consisting of Audience Builder, Content Builder, and Campaign Builder, will generate targeted campaigns for specific audiences, while offering the ability to initiate such campaigns from corporate on behalf of the direct seller. Corporate marketing staff will be able to update existing collateral and build new content rapidly, thus streamlining the process of creating the thousands of fresh marketing assets required for hyper-personalized communications with customers. Specialized skills are not required for corporate staff to navigate the marGo ecosystem. Within minutes, each corporate marketer will be able to create and launch personalized, targeted campaigns to audiences of their choice.
Direct Selling CRM
Direct Sales CRM

System Administrator

System administrators will employ tools tailored to their unique job responsibilities through a simple, easy-to-use interface. Administrators will monitor system performance and control access to the marGo ecosystem.

Corporate Executive

Executives will avail themselves of performance results via dashboards that display up-to-date performance metrics, tracking both corporate and sales marketing initiatives. After establishing the desired reporting parameters at corporate, visibility will be auto generated by business unit and region, and available to corporate executives at a single glance.
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